Life. Camera. Action.

Baron Samuel Productions is a digital multimedia agency based in Las Vegas. We’re proud to be a leading resource for those seeking fresh ideas on how to take their brands to the next level and excited to provide you with a unique and authentic branding experience.




We’re a Brand Image Development Company that focuses on Visual Development and design. We pride ourselves on providing unique and creative content that authentically represent our clients.


Brand Development

We want to help jump start to your career with authentic brand content. BSP operates on the core belief that no matter the dream or vision, as artist, we have the potential to make it reality.


Brand Authenticity

Our aim is to help entrepreneurs and businesses build its visual image to better connect with its target audience. We understand that setting yourself apart with authentic brand imagery is actually one of, if not the smartest investments you can make for your brand or business. 


The Two P’s

Through passion and personality, our ultimate goal is to develop visual experiences, understanding that the sky isn’t the limit. You will work closely with our creative team to creative content that authentically represent you, with the objectives of how to tackle, keep and grow your audience.