Brand Builders & Storytellers.


Hey there! I’m glad you could stop by. As the company name implies (and from what you’ve probably already deduced), my name is Baron, and this is Baron Samuel Productions, a Brand Image Development and Digital Multimedia agency located here in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. My story goes a ways back and can only be described as one heck of a journey. But that’s what makes us unique and our tests only sets us apart from the rest!


So what do we do? Well, for starters, BSP (like I mentioned previously) is a a Brand Image Development Company that focuses on Visual Development and Design. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs and businesses build its visual image to better connect with its target audience. We understand that setting yourself apart with authentic brand imagery is actually one of, if not the smartest investments you can make for your brand or business. So we pride ourselves on helping you jump start your business by developing visual experiences and authentic brand content that authentically represent YOU our clients.

I’ve been blessed with an awesome team of rough riders and creative gurus who lean on their gift of sharp conceptual eye and flair for dynamic visual communication. We step into each clients world and collaborate on their vision which makes every shoot unique. Each project is met with a unique visual signature and creatively developed with our client’s best interest in mind.  I created Baron Samuel Productions because I believe in helping entrepreneurs become industry leading brands through authentic content that change the way people interact with their business.